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Greg Gifford, SEO Expert

    Greg Gifford, creator of the filmed and syndicated video review series “The New York Times,” has announced that he has been elected to the board of directors of his own film and television production company, the National Association of Film Critics.

    Greg Gifford is co-founder and chief marketing officer of Marketing Cloud, a software company that provides websites and online marketing. Greg Giffsord has over 20 years of experience teaching thousands of small business owners and marketers how to get their websites to appear higher in local search rankings. He has spoken at hundreds of business conferences around the world, teaching them the secrets of success in search engine optimization, online advertising, and other marketing techniques.

    Greg also spends his time freelancing website design and SEO for local businesses, as well as advising and training small business owners in online marketing.

    “Local SEO is about so much more than tools” By Greg Gifford

    He graduated from Southern Methodist University with a BA in Cinema Communication and an MFA in Film Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. Do you have an obscure movie or just a situation you would like to share with us in the comments?

    He speaks at conferences around the world and teaches people that local SEO has always been a big part of what he does. Usually it’s just about being able to present yourself better in a local search. If you do a lot of SEO for an automotive company, it doesn’t necessarily mean you do that, but he taught people.

    Greg Gifford is a guy who knows local SEO very very well. He says:

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    “Lazy local content pages are usually doorway pages

    In most cases, the local content play involves the monthly addition of “location” targeted pages to a website. Yes, this is a legitimate strategy when done correctly, but, in practice, most of the time the pages created are simply doorway pages. They’re thin pages without any useful content with the sole purpose of ranking in local searches.”

    Greg Gifford, SEO Expert

    Google is very keen on its business (GMB) and they use multiple algorithms, so SEO is not the same everywhere. If you’re looking for ways to improve your local SEO ranking, you need to look at all of them. One of the things Greg mentioned in his presentation at the Local Search Ranking Factors 2018 conference is the “Local Search Ranking Factors 2018” and it’s a great resource.

    Greg Gifford gave practical tips on how to do GMB properly and cover all of these elements. He gave the audience a great overview of what to think about when optimizing GMb and gave them some good tips on how to find the right approach, accompanied by a variety of film references.

    Gregg Gifford returned with one eye on State of Search – and opened a presentation on local SEO. They asked Greg a few questions to see what he had in store for them and they kept coming back. Is there anything he’s looking forward to this year?

    “That’s actually one of my questions, but it just sounds like you started out in things like cars. I started with things in film-making that worked with cars from there. The only reason I ended up in this situation is because I got a job with an automobile company and then I honestly didn’t even really know much about cars. So a few years before that I was just in the car and started to develop things for filmmaking. “

    We have looked at some of the most surprising headlines that have come out of the SEO and Automotive SEO community in the recent past. Greg announced he was setting up a digital marketing agency in New England.

    Wikimotive has traditionally existed in the automotive sector and will continue to thrive in this area, but the company plans to expand into other industries, including other car brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford and Toyota. Greg will focus on expanding Search to Automotive, to name a few, as well as on the boards of a number of other companies in New England and beyond.

    Testimonial Builder allows sellers to record customer testimonials from the customers they are most looking forward to and then automatically apply online video testimonials to their seller. Once uploaded, the company can showcase the videos and references on its website and link them to email and digital marketing collateral. Moreover, Testimonial Builder supports companies in a variety of areas of digital marketing, including online advertising, social media marketing, online sales, digital advertising and more.

    “Target the right keywords — for Google AND your clients” By Greg Gifford

    This can be used to promote advertising activities that go beyond traditional advertising, such as social media marketing, online sales and marketing assurances.

    As a result of this article, we have been thinking about how we can use new technologies to improve the interaction of local customers with our businesses. It offers some fantastic tips and tactics to help companies that spend a lot of their time looking for competitors who rank higher in local search. That’s enough daydreams for today but if it’s a personal challenge to take note of Greg’s presentation now, we’ll catch up with him in the future.


    Greg Gifford, Local SEO Guy

    Today, Greg Gifford is an experienced SEO consultant specializing in Local SEO. He is the Vice President of Search at SearchLab, a local SEO and PPC agency located in Chicago, IL. With over 17 years of experience, Greg has been an honored guest and speaker at top SEO conferences around the globe.

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