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What To Do With Google Search Console

    Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) is an internet service by Google, provided freed from charge for webmasters, that permits them to envision compartmentalization standing and optimize visibility of their websites. As of could twenty, 2015, Google rebranded Google Webmaster Tools as Google Search Console. In Gregorian calendar month 2018, Google introduced a replacement version of the Search Console, with an invigorated computer program and enhancements. It has tools that allow webmasters:

    Features of Google Search Console

    • Submit and check a sitemap and additionally helps the webmasters to envision if there area unit any errors with their sitemap
    • Check and set the crawl rate, concerning|and look at|and examine} statistics about once
    • Googlebot accesses a specific website
    • Write and check a robots.txt file to assist discover pages that area unit blocked in robots.txt accidentally
    • List internal and external pages that link to the location
    • Get an inventory of links that Googlebot had issue locomotion, as well as the error that Googlebot received once accessing the URLs in question
    • See what keyword searches on Google light-emitting diode to the location being listed within the SERPs, and therefore the total clicks, total impressions, and therefore the average click-through rates of such listings. (Previously named ‘Search Queries’; rebranded could twenty, 2015 to ‘Search Analytics’ with extended filter prospects for devices, search varieties and date periods).
      Set a most popular domain (e.g. like over computer or vice versa), that determines, however, the location universal resource locator is displayed in SERPs
    • Highlight to Google Search parts of structured information that area unit wont to enrich search hit entries (released in December 2012 as Google information Highlighter)
    • Receive notifications from Google for manual penalties
    • Provide access to AN API to feature, amendment and delete listings and list crawl errors
    • Rich Cards a replacement section additional, for higher mobile user expertise
    • Check the safety problems if there area unit any with the web site. (Hacked website or Malware Attacks)
    • Add or take away the property homeowners and associates of the online property
    Features of Search Analytics Reports
    • Accurate information
    • Search Analytics reports deliver additional correct reports than the Search Queries report
    • The reports area unit up-to-date and provides the most recent info attainable
    • Individual page count
    • Search Analytic reports consider all the links to an identical page as a single impression
    • Separate reports area unit out there to trace the device kind and search kind
    • Image click count additional correct
    • Search Analytics reports solely count clicks as clicks on enlarged pictures in a picture search result to your page. The previous Search Queries report counts all the clicking on AN pictures, enlarged or not, in each internet search
    • Data consolidated by the full domain
    • Search Analytics reports assign all clicks, impressions, and alternative search information to one, complete hostname
    • Subdomains area unit thought to be separate entities by Search Console and wishes to be additional singly

    Criticism and Contention

    The list of inward links on Search Console Tools is mostly abundant larger than the list of inward links which will be discovered victimization the search question on Google itself. Google is tight-lipped concerning the discrepancy. The list on Google Webmaster Tools includes nofollow links that don’t convey computer program improvement authority to the coupled website.

    On the opposite hand, the list of links generated with a kind question area unit deemed by Google to be “important” links in an exceedingly debatable approach. Google Webmaster Tools, similarly because the Google index, appears to habitually ignore link spam. Once a manual penalty has been removed, Google Webmaster Tools can still show the penalty for one more 1–3 days. Once the Google Search Console rebrand, info has been made demonstrating that Google Search Console creates information points that don’t reconcile with Google Analytics or ranking information, significantly inside the native search market.

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