30 November, 2021

Best Hosting for Personal Website

Before we get into best hosting for personal website which is bluehost for most, we have to ask; How to start a blog? First of all let’s start with the elephant within the room question,

Is it too late to start out blogging?

Our answer is yes and no.

NO because if you begin like immediately and don’t take too long to form up your mind. lately creating a blog is as easy as posting in social media. Not saying blogging is a simple career, but with diligence and motivation you’ll get there.

Keep readind and today, you’ll learn all about easily creating a blog on your own and the way to start out a WordPress blog. Anyone can make a full time income just from blogging. you’ll start a money-making blog with as low as just $3.95 with bluehost web hosting. Yes! even as low as $3.95! for a blog which assist you build your blogging career to subsequent level. An investment of $3.95 might bring you a full time income of $5,000 a month, how does that sound?

If you are looking for a cheaper web hosting then bluehost is your solution, with this link you will get a special price and a free domain at no additional cost to you.

Click here now to start a WordPress Blog As Low As $3.95!

Bluehost is known as one of the top web hosting companies in 2019 and also 2020, and with this offer you will start your blog as low as $2.95/mo* and a free domain for your first year and free SSL certificate included.

That’s a great deal.

Maybe at the rear of your mind you be like “I could just opt-in for blogger it’s a free platform”. Below are reasons why you shouldn’t opt-in for blogger or any free platform:

  • You don’t own your own domain like .com .org without having an extension like: makemoneywithhanna.blogspot.com
  • Freedom of any theme you’d like, unlike blogger you’re limited for one theme.

Click here to urge started with your dream blog

How To Start With A WordPress Blog On Bluehost

1. First: Your Domain Registration

Click here to get your domain and continue to the next step creating your blog.

Domain name will be the title for your blog forever. This step is crucial because there is no going back when it comes to changing domain names. This step needs a lot of thinking before deciding on the domain name.

But wait! You might have a great deal here. If you end up getting 12 months FREE domain directly from bluehost using this link, you will save your first year cost of domain.

This only applies when you purchase 12 month package plan from bluehost.


bluehost plans

2. Now: Choose A Hosting Package For Your Site

When you click the GET STARTED NOW button at the bluehost site first thing that pops up is you will be asked for a domain name.

This step applies to those who would purchase a domain name like. If you would like to purchase a domain outside bluehost Namecheap is highly recommended.


Here is a quick step to get started:

  • Head over to Bluehost, click the GET STARTED NOW button
  • Choose the package you would like, Choosing a package 12 months and above might be better for you because every month paying for hosting is a double expense. Staying for a whole year not worrying about any hosting costs.
  • Enter your domain name either from Namecheap or the one you are going to choose from bluehost.
  • Enter your details and payment information
  • Create your password.

So, you probably are asking how can I connect my domain from Namecheap or any other domain company to my hosting?

Open your Namecheap account and log in. On your dashboard you will see all the domains you have created.

You will see a button beside your domain name written “Manage”In nameservers section click on custom and input bluehost nameservers, this means you are letting Namecheap know you are hosting with Bluehost.

After you chaged it, Bluehost name servers should look something like this:


Click on the check mark on your right to save changes.

After that, log into your Bluehost cPanel and look for domains section, it is normally found at the top column. Keep in mind for servers to change it might take up to 2 to 24 hours for all countries.

On the text box enter your domain without the www extension, for example; makemoneywithhanna.site. Click on get started, since you have changed nameservers of your Namecheap domain to Bluehost you will get a message that ownership has been verified. Under the domain section, click on assign. Enter your domain name and down below click on assign this domain.

Congratulations! You are ready! Your website is up and running now.

Please, comment below if you have a trouble in any step of the process.

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