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SEMrush Black Friday Deal 2019

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    SEMrush Black Friday Deal 2019 : 3 Hot Offers Up to 40% OFF

    SEMrush is one of the best competitor research tools. On this Black Friday, SEMrush is providing 2 months FREE usage. It also comes packed with tons of useful features.

    Get 30% off on the annual SEMrush Competitive Research bundle

    Explore markets, reveal your competitors and all the secrets of their websites and digital marketing

    Effective from November 25 to December 15. For new users only


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    Double Keyword Bundle!

    Always Be On Top of the SERPs and Outpace Your Competitors


    • Access 40+ tools and terabytes of reliable data and quickly respond to rivals’ marketing challenges
    • Double the number of tracked keywords in Position Tracking to keep an eye on your top keywords
    • Always be aware of your competitors’ moves and react instantly to any challenge thanks to the daily updates

    For users interested in SEO, Double Keyword Bundle: For just $99.95 a month, this offer includes: SEMrush PRO subscription + over 40 robust tools for Digital Marketing; Free 500 additional keywords to track in Position Tracking (value of $60).

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    SEMrush BLACKFRIDAY Is Here!

    Unlock Our Content Marketing Platform and Order
    Two Articles from Marketplace for Free

    If your audience is passionate about Content Marketing, the Content Marketing Platform Deal is for them. For just $199.95, this offer features: Access to monthly GURU subscription + Full Access to the Content Marketing Platform + Two Free Articles from SEMrush Content Marketplace – the value of $140!


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    SEMrush Features Overview

    SEMrush enables you to analyze your competitors effectively. You will build use of their large keyword index and additionally backlink checker. It helps you effectively pinpoint the methods your competitors area unit victimization on their sites for fulfillment .

    You can analysis a website by getting into the foundation universal resource locator in its search bar. The tool returns you the SE traffic the location is archaic a commonplace. It additionally displays all the keywords that the location is ranking for. you’ll additionally check backlinks of the location.

    In addition to the current, you’ll enter any universal resource locator, thus on check for what area unit all the keywords the page is ranking for. you furthermore may get the calculable traffic that the page is also obtaining daily. The figures area unit nearly correct.

    You can additionally enter any keyword and verify the search volume, competition, CPC, trend, and it additionally displays the keyword issue score. By analyzing the keyword issue score, you’ll simply verify whether or not you’ll rank for a selected keyword or not.

    There area unit plenty of alternative options like domain vs domain analysis tool, website audit tool, connected keywords tool and additional.

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