10 August, 2022

Best Python Books From Beginner to Advanced

Python is a tremendous programing language . It isoften applied to almost any programming task, allows for rapid development and debugging, and brings the support of what’s arguably the foremost welcoming user community.

Getting started with Python is like learning any new skill: it’s important to seek out a resource you connect with to guide your learning. Luckily, there’s no shortage of fantastic books which will assist you learn both the essential concepts of programming and therefore the specifics of programming in Python. With the abundance of resources, it are often difficult to spot which book would be best for your situation.

In this article, we highlight the simplest books for learning Python through a set of book reviews. Each review gives you a taste of the book, the topics covered, and therefore the context wont to illustrate those topics. Different books will resonate with different people, counting on the design and presentation of the books, the readers’ backgrounds, also as other factors.

If you’re new Python, any of the introductory books will offer you a solid foundation within the basics.

Perhaps you would like to find out Python together with your kid, or even teach Python to a gaggle of youngsters inspect the simplest Python Books for teenagers for resources aimed toward a younger audience.

As you progress in you Python journey, you’ll want to dig deeper to maximise the efficiency of your code. the simplest intermediate and advanced Python books provide insight to assist you level up your Python skills, enabling you to become an expert Pythonista.

Coffee Break Python

Python puzzles assist you to find out faster, smarter, and better. This book offers 50 educative code puzzles, 10 tips for efficient learning, 5 Python cheat sheets, and 1 accurate thanks to measure your coding skills. 13,000 Python students have already improved their coding skills on our puzzle-based learning academy Finxter.com.

As you’re employed through tea break Python, your Python expertise will grow—one coffee at a time. you’ll train wildly important Python topics like;

– Arithmetic operations: integer & float division, and modular arithmetic;

– Language elements: branching, loops, keywords, and functions;

– Data structures: integer, float, string, list, set, dictionary, and graph;

– Sequence operators: indexing, concatenation, slicing, and built-in functions;

– Function *arguments: default *, arbitrary *, unpacking *, keyword *;

– Set operations: lambda, filter, map, and intersection functions; and

– Algorithms: recursion, Fibonacci, Bsearch, sorting, guess & check, and graph traversal.

As a bonus, you’ll track your individual Python coding skill level throughout the book.

To get the foremost out of this book, you ought to be slightly beyond beginner-level in Python—e.g., you’ve got already experience with another programing language , are knowledgeable engineer, or a student.

So how does one spend your Coffee Break? Python!

If you want to get started with Python books from beginner to advancedget the book ‘Coffee Break Python Workbook’ with 127 brand-new Python puzzles.​

Coffee Break Python Slicing

Why do you waste your time PASSIVELY reading Python books?

Puzzle-based learning is an ACTIVE learning technique. With code puzzles, you will learn faster, smarter, and better.

The Coffee Break Python book series teaches you Python in byte-sized code puzzles. You solve a code puzzle a day while you enjoy your morning coffee. It’s that simple.

Why should you read this book?

Coffee Break Python Slicing is all about growing your Python expertise—one coffee at a time. The focus lies on the important slicing technique to access consecutive data ranges. Understanding slicing thoroughly is crucial for your success as a Python developer.

This book teaches you everything you need to know about slicing in Python.

As a bonus, you will track your individual Python coding skill level throughout the book.

Who should read this book?

You are slightly beyond beginner-level in Python. For example,

  • You have already experience with another programming language—it’s time to tackle Python.
  • You are a professional engineer and want to brush up your Python skills.
  • You are a student and need to get better at Python for academic courses.
  • You have read the first book of Coffee Break Python series.

If you want to get started with Python books, get the book Coffee Break Python Slicing.

Coffee Break NumPy

The new textbook Coffee Break NumPy leverages the scientifically proven way of puzzle-based learning to code!

“Students who were quizzed after studying a short text could recall significantly more information than students who were asked to reread it” (Karpicke, 2007b)

Fear of missing out on data science and machine learning?​ The trend of automation is not coming to a halt soon. Machines take over more and more traditional jobs from human workers. But also highly-skilled knowledge workers such as doctors, traditional computer scientists, teachers, and financial analysts are under the danger to be replaced by machines. This is the era of machine learning and data science. And missing out on data science can be the #1 most costly mistake of your career.

This ​eBook package ​gives you a fun way to start learning data science with Python. ​It gives you a thorough introduction in one of Python’s most important libraries for data science and machine learning: NumPy.

And here’s the best thing: practice testing is scientifically proven to generate ​up to 44% better learning retention and ​efficiency.​

So what’s in it for you?

  • ​Understand ​NumPy code ​quickly.
  • Learn all the basic ​NumPy concepts and data structures.
  • Finally understand ​the most important NumPy functions and how to use them for practical problems.

As an additional bonus, you ​can track your individual ​NumPy coding skill level throughout the book. After reading the book, you’ll know exactly how good you are in comparison to your ​friends and colleagues.

The book is packed with 211 pages of in-depth NumPy content:

  • ​4​6 educative code puzzles to test your skills and to make learning easy and fun!
  • ​10 tips for efficient learning​ to help you stop wasting time!
  • ​​1 NumPy cheat sheets to learn 80% of the language features in 20% of the space!
  • ​1 accurate way to measure your coding skills because clarity is the first step to success!
  • ​​[BONUS] 1 detailed NumPy ​tutorial for absolute beginners ​to get you started!

Have your “Coffee Break NumPy” now!

Puzzle-based Learning Python

This book is the chess grandmaster way of learning Python. It offers you 127 unique and brand-new Python puzzles. Every puzzle points to gaps in your knowledge, challenges you to guess a solution, and then explains potential solutions, in an easy-to-understand manner:

An easy, fun, and effective way of learning Python — day after day — in your COFFEE BREAK PYTHON!

Here’s what research says about puzzle-based learning:

“Students who were quizzed after studying a short text could recall significantly more information than students who were asked to reread it”

— Karpicke, 2007, Elsevier Journal of Memory and Language

Practice testing is scientifically proven to generate up to 44% better learning retention and efficiency.

# Here’s one example puzzle:

my_list = [1, 1, 1, 1]

my_list[1::2] = [2, 3]


# What’s the output of this code snippet?

Simply put: quizzes and puzzles work! More than 100,000 Finxters and thousands of “Coffee Break Python” book customers have already successfully improved their skills with code puzzles.

Learning does not happen in a linear and orderly manner. It’s a probabilistic, chaotic, and iterative process of creating knowledge gaps in your brain — and filling them with just the right information you need.

That’s the premise of the “Coffee Break Python” textbook series. Get your “Coffee Break NumPy” now!

What will you get out of the book?

  • Improve your level of deep Python code understanding.
  • Surprise your peers with your newly acquired code speed reading skills.
  • Enjoy the small daily doses of intellectual challenges. A Finxter once called it “Sudoku for coders“!
  • Improve your brain’s working memory by hammering down the most important concepts.
  • Learn all the basic Python syntax elements.
  • Discover your own skill level by tracking your puzzle-solving performance.
  • Compare your skill level against other coders: are you a grandmaster of code?
  • Enjoy the fun of rushing over Python — from “hello world” to “recursive Quicksort”.
  • Get the best of all Finxter Python cheat sheets to revive 80% of the Python features in 20% of the time.
  • Get your dream job and rock future code interviews!

Brain Games Python

​99 Brain Teasers to Energize Your Brain Cells and Python Logic Skills

​The Groundbreaking New Puzzle Book That

  1. Revives Your Brain Cells
  2. Boosts Your Computational Intelligence
  3. Launches Your Programming Skills in Python

​… Even If You Have Zero Programming Experience!

'''Bob is 4 years younger than Frank and 10 years older than Alice. Ann is with 35 years 6 years older than Alice. What's the age difference (in years) between the oldest and youngest person?'''

Can you solve this puzzle? Or try the next one:

[11, -10, 4, -3, 4, 4, ?]

What’s the next sequence element? Here’s a third more Pythonic puzzle:

a, b = True, True

if b or a or not a and not b:
  if a:
  elif b and a or not a:
elif a and b or not a:
  if a or b or not b or not a:

The book is full with 99 such brain puzzles that make you smarter — in logics, intelligence, and Python programming!

Written for absolute beginners and intermediates in the Python programming language. Get the book “Brain Games Python” now!

The Intelligent Coder – Coffee Break Python Edition

Little time to learn Python? Do it in your coffee breaks!

This bundle contains best-selling “Coffee Break Python” learning series for continuous improvement in Python and NumPy with the BONUS “Coffee Break Python Workbook” with 127 additional Python puzzles!

On top of that, the bundle comes with new ground-breaking book “Brain Games Python” that will make you a more intelligent human coding machine.

Get the bundle now!

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